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Shri Guru Ram Rai Darbar Sahib

Shri Guru Ram Rai Darbar Sahib was established in 1676 by Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji Maharaj, the eldest son of the seventh Guru of the Sikh, Shri Har Rai ji Maharaji. He set up his Dera (Camp) in Doon (Valley). So the name Dehradun was derived from his dera in Doon which was for the penance and welfare of the society. After his death the activities and affairs of Darbar Sahib was managed by Shri Mahant, also known as Sajjada Nashin.

Shri Mahant nominates the successor, Sajjada Nashin & Shri Mahant during his life time. The Sajjaada Nashin Shri Mahant leads a life of celibacy and dedicates his life for the noble cause of the society. Since its inception and establishment till date ten Shri Mahants have been nominated. At present Shri Mahant is Shri Mahant Devendra Dass Ji Maharaj.

For more information to visit: www.sgrrdarbar.org